Online Personal Training

It Starts...

It starts with a zoom call so I can get to know you and you can get to know me. You'll tell me your goals and any detail I need to be the best trainer I can be for you and we form a rapport. This also gives you a chance to assess if we are a good fit

I like Numbers

From there its all about progression and data. Your reps, weights, and overall volume are monitored and documented. With this info workouts become more and more efficient and effective.

Let's Design

From there I start designing your program but it'll only be a few workouts. There is no need in drawing the whole program yet as the program is built completely based on feedback. I wont build the next few workouts till you have completed these and giving me feedback so I can design the most accurate workouts for you

Hit Me Up...

During this time you can talk to me at anytime to ask me any question about the program or anything health and fitness related. I am not longer just a coach but  I am part of your team ensuring you have the best chance of success 

It's Live

The program is completely live on a cloud and allows for editing on the fly. There you'll also have a designated folder with the current month and days. This will be where you will be uploading your daily meals by snapping a picture of it and sharing it directly to the folder. This gives me a day to day view of your food. I will use this to 1) keep you accountable and 2) recommend food, portions, or anything relevant to your diet 

I'll Be Intouch

Even if you don't reach out I will be checking in often. Depending on level of experience and goals Ill check in on your 3 to 4 times a week at least to make sure you are on track



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